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Top Text Apps for Android Free

TopText Apps for Android Free

Hunting on the web down free messaging applications is a torment in the backside. There are free applications that work with your current SMS administration and after that flag-bearer application that send messages yet not genuine SMS. This is an issue we would like to amend with this article. Instant messages are as, however, the most well-known strategy for imparting through content. The vast majority have SMS/MMS bolster, so you don’t have to stress over regardless of whether they utilize some other administration.


Be that as it may, free messaging applications are somewhat unsteady. The most widely recognized model is free messages in return for survey commercials. The second most normal incorporate free messaging applications that give you month as far as possible. Despite everything, they’re free in either case, however. Here are the best free messaging apps for Android! To test, we downloaded each application and ensured that they could send instant messages first.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a fantastic free messaging application and effortlessly a standout amongst the most well known. It gives you a chance to send free SMS messages and make free telephone brings in the U.S. or on the other hand Canada. That outside of those regions has spotty inclusion, best case scenario.


Regardless, you do get some additional advantages, similar to a respectable Google Chrome augmentation for PC use, a smart application with Material Design, and some enjoyable voice message alternatives for calls. The SMS and MMS bolster is excellent, yet nothing excessively not the same as what we’ve seen on this rundown. It’s a strong stone alternative and likely the one you should attempt first.

Text Free

Content Free is a standout amongst the most famous free messaging applications on Android. It likewise takes a shot at iOS where it is exceptionally mainstream. The app does what it says. You agree to accept a record, guarantee a telephone number, and begin messaging individuals. This one additionally includes free calls. You are constrained to an hour out of each month for nothing.


You can watch video advertisements or buy more minutes if you have to. The membership administrations incorporate $2.99 every month to expel advertisements or $4.99 every month to evacuate promotions and hold your telephone number. The administration recovers dormant numbers inevitably so you can save yours for a month to month expense. Regardless, this application works. The use flaunts International help also. Furthermore, you can also use Azar Mod Apk for free text message and many more kinds of stuff.

TextMe Up

Content Free is a champion among the essential free informing applications on Android. It is like manner tackles iOS where it is outstandingly standard. The app does what it says. You consent to acknowledge a record, ensure a phone number, and start informing people. This one furthermore incorporates free calls. You are obliged to an hour out of every month to no end. You can watch video commercials or purchase more minutes on the off chance that you need to.


The participation organizations fuse $2.99 consistently to remove ads or $4.99 consistently to clear advancements and hold your phone number. The organization recoups lethargic amounts definitely so you can spare yours for multi-month to month cost. In any case, this application works. The utilization displays International help too.

24 Dec
sniper 3d mod

Sniper 3D MOD APK Unlimited Money Download

In the official version of the Sniper 3D APK, the clients require brimming with sack cash to open the missions and firearms which requires a great deal of time. The player needs to open a few missions too on accomplishing a few rewards yet now you don’t have to hold up any longer. From the specific first moment of Sniper 3D APK Unlimited Money Download, you can begin playing the game at the fullest potential with unlimited money. In this way, don’t hold up any longer and surge now to the Sniper 3D MOD APK Unlimited Money Download Latest Version for nothing and appreciate boundless cash and different assets for nothing.

sniper 3d mod

Here are some of the amazing & appealing features of the Sniper 3D MOD APK Unlimited Money Download. You will experience all of these once you start download & install the Sniper 3D APK. Must go through list of features we compiled for you!

  • One of the best Android Shooting & action games.
  • You will enjoy Unlimited Money in the Sniper 3D MOD APK.
  • All the missions are unlocked.
  • All the weapons are unlocked.
  • Save a huge amount of your money.
  • Get ready to experience one of the best weapons like riffles, sniper, shotguns, and much more in the Sniper 3D APK Download.
  • The game has 3D model of the city where the whole game is setup.
  • The you can easily zoom-in to set your aim.
  • Get ready to enjoy the diversity in the missions of Sniper 3D APK Download.
  • Enjoy amazing & stunning graphics and visuals.
  • The Sniper 3D APK Download has stunning soundtracks.

The Sniper 3D APK comprises of various weapons few of them are accessible to utilize and rest of are bolted. Now with the MOD version you don’t need to spend your hard-earned money to enjoy the fullest potential of the game. You will enjoy unlimited cash and can easily unbolt any weapon.

21 Dec
Sims 4 Mods

Sims 4 Realistic Mods

Sim 4 Realistic Mods

Here we will be having a complete set of discussion about the amazing and most awaited Sim 4 Realistic mods. This trendy looking game has been for sure coming all about to be one of the amazing sims game. Today we are going to reveal the list of Sims 4 Realistic Mods. That allows you to enjoy the game with some real experience. The Sims 4 Game is basically Real simulator game which let you enjoy the real-life activities. You can control the whole life of your Sims. You can plan theirs career and many other things including death. In this article, we are going to share the list of Sims 4 realistic mods which add some real-life experience in the form of Sims.



Important Features of Sim 4 Realistic Mods:

  • It would make you offer out with the Sims realistic amazing mods
  • It has unlimited coins feature too.
  • It has full HD graphics.
  • It has all the players and all the transfer to be unlocked.
  • In it you will be finding adding upon with the New UI Design as well as New Background & Splash Screen and new Control Button with the new Song.

How To Install Sim 3 Realistic Mods?

  • You will first of all download the zip file and then extract it using extracting app.
  • In the next step you will install the apk file but you will not open it.
  • In the next step, just move the existing set of the folder.
  • Now you will transfer the existing folder in the data folder.
  • In the last step you will locate the DLS apk app and tap on it to launch and play.


This Sim 4 Realistic Mods game has the size of about 350 mb. Its game version is 5.0. It has been all set with the interactive digital purchases may apply for premium players. So without wasting any time, just be the first to download this game right now!  As you would start playing this Sim 4 realistic mods game you would love to play it all the time. So stop wasting time and Download It Now!

14 Dec

MX Player Pro Apk Latest Version And Uses

MX Player Pro Apk is one of the most downloading media player apps for smartphones. The capability of this app is very popular nowadays for its video format. MX Player Pro is not for free, you pay some charges to use this application. But this is the premium version and ad-free version. Here you can easily download MX Player Pro for free.
You can find each information on this platform. There are millions of people who see movies, clips, and TV series on their smartphones. But truly, MX Player Apk is the best media player as compared to other media player. It works smoothly and easy to use. Addition, we all need a media player which is compatible with all video formats as compared to other media player.

Download MX Player Pro Apk

Features of MX Player Pro:

There are many features of MX Player Free Download such as Hardware acceleration, subtitle, children lock etc. The pro version of MX Player is not for free you pay high charges to use it. Everyone wants the full version of MX Player Pro to get all the features.

1.PlayBack feature:

All video file plays in MX Player mod Apk. It supports 3gpp, Mpeg and WebM formats. MX Player Pro Apk support over 10 different video media files formats. MX Player additionally helps hardware and software decoding and you can toggle the decoder even while looking at the video. Typically, if you are looking a video on hardware decoder, it’ll use less tool battery and buffering may also be rapid. but, if the video record isn’t supported with the aid of hardware, you can transfer to software decoding.


I really like looking my video files with subtitles, if available, and mx player affords me a way to do it conveniently. Inside the mx player, you could manually browse for a subtitle document in your reminiscence card and hyperlink it to the video report. It’s now not necessary to vicinity the subtitle record in the video folder with the same call of that of the document.
You can drag and drop the subtitle on the display to alternate its position and pinch to zoom to change the font length. All this whilst looking the video in parallel. MX Player even supports clear text that’s a function difficult to discover in different video players on Android.


Download MX Player Pro Apk is the awesome application of media player. Here you can watch videos in high quality in each format. Their reviews are good as compared to other media player.


11 Dec
minecraft apk

Features of the Minecraft Apk Download

Get ready to research the Bizarre universes and start building everything from the little homes to the stunning manors in the big open fields of the Minecraft Game. It’s about imaginativeness. Minecraft PE or the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK is truly outstanding edition of the Minecraft Game. Download most recent and Updated rendition of the Minecraft PE on your Android Smartphone and introduce straightforwardly without using the Data cable in your Android Smartphone with the PC.

minecraft apk

Minecraft Pocket Edition APK is practically all that you can dream to play on your Android Smartphone. You can struct anything which you can imagine. That is what extremely the gamers do in the Minecraft Pocket Edition of the Minecraft. It is the bona fide fun entertainment game which engages you to give a shape to your innovative essentialness.

Here are some of the amazing & appealing features of the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK which you will experience once your download & install the Minecraft Apk download on your Android System. Before proceeding must have a look at the features of the Minecraft Pocket Edition.

  • One of the best releases of Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • Minecraft is a standout amongst the most downloaded diversions on the Android Platform.
  • The players of the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK has a place with the diverse ages.
  • Show your feeling of imagination by molding the enormous building. Utilize the square to do everything.
  • The designs are extremely shocking and noteworthy.
  • A number of good scenes and amusement modes are sitting tight for you.
  • Get prepared to appreciate the full opportunity in the open world.
  • Soundtracks are incorporated into English.
  • Dialogues are incorporated into the English.
05 Dec

Roblox Community – Family of Millions

Roblox has become a family of millions, where tons of players play their desired games. Games of an astronaut, a fashion star, car racing and many more are there to please your eyes. You can consider a utopia where you can do whatever you want to do. Roblox app has a community that keeps you connected with all the members and the players that besides playing Roblox games are competent enough to generate cool games of all the genres. Being a part-taker of Roblox Community you would enter in a vast world where your queries will find the answers.

The Roblox Community allows you to have valuable information regarding the latest updates, gears etc. by joining the Roblox community you will be able to interact with the other members of community, besides having an absolute fun you tend to learn a lot. You get to learn creative ideas that could be helpful for you.

With Roblox Community you can get to know from the experiences of other players who created games on Roblox. Knowledge about certain types of skills can be learnt too from its platform. All the knowledge and skills will eventually turn you into a fully competent digital explorer.

As a player you are free to use original money for buying Robux, that is the virtual currency on Roblox that is spent on the accessories of game, these accessories are bought for the avatars of games.

Download Roblox for Laptop and be a part of this world-wide community that comprises more than four million exclusive and active developers that are eligible to create their own creativity in form of games that are immersive with a multi-player function.

download roblox for laptop

Roblox has been achieving great milestones with its rip-roaring success to which Roblox is maintaining with an unimaginable consistency. The perks and features it provides some with a promising and in sublime quality. It is not just for kids, the olders and the elders also find it equally interesting in many ways. Apart from the mega fun it brings for its users there is still so much to discover and this you can do by getting Roblox on your device and then by becoming the part of Roblox Community.

26 Nov
GTA 5 APK Free downlaod

GTA 5 Apk For Android Free Download

GTA 5 for Android gadgets in apk style
Download GTA apk for android phones

Hey there everybody! Welcome to the world of Grand Theft Automobile 5 where you can travel throughout the Los Santos city. GTA 5 is one of the most prominent game today. GTA 5 was first released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. After that on 2014 GTA 5 was officially released for PS4 and also Xbox One. Then Finally on 2018, GTA 5 was released for Microsoft windows. Now you can likewise play GTA 5 on your phone. GTA 5 for android provides you to experience all the features of GTA in your phone. GTA 5 for android has actually not been officially launched but our group managed to rip it from the Xbox One and also PS4 variation. You will have all the features as in playstation 4 or Xbox One. In this site, You will certainly obtain GTA 5 apkfile which deals with all android phone and various other android tools.


GTA 5 apk download

Download GTA 5 in apk format will additionally includes SD data. GTA 5 apk is the complete variation of GTA 5 for android gadgets. GTA V has boosted gameplay that includes far better graphics, driving mechanics has been made comparable to competing games. This game is more practical than the previous game. Autos will not burn easily like in the previous variation. You can additionally choose tool like in video game Red Dead Redemption which has wheel selector. Meele fight is also enjoyable and seems like you are actually fighting. Flying airplane has never ever felt so good, currently you will experience actual flying and also landing experience.
GTA 5 apk download currently, as well as obtain accessibility to all the functions. There are lots of functions for GTA 5 for android variation, It makes use of the mobile accelerometer to control vehicles, planes and also various other cars. Buttons in your phone changes according to the video game. If you are strolling after that you will certainly have the ability to regulate side to side as well as while in auto, you will certainly have steering. There are many distinct attributes like controlling two or even more players at once. You can change in between personalities throughout the game. Each character lives their very own various life and also you will certainly be astonished to see where there are staying or doing while switching. You can additionally play mini video games like Diving, Skies diving, parachute jumping as well as hunting. You can also make use of smart phone inside your phone. It will be like creation in your phone. You can likewise browse internet in the phone to acquire cars and trucks, airplanes and also other products. Rockstar has actually likewise made some better modifications in pedestrians auto mechanics. You can adhere to the pedestrian and also see that exact same person in the various play.
Download GTA 5 apk data in your phone or tablet. GTA 5 for android has a lot larger maps than on previous GTA series. It will take a great deal of your time to check out the entire city. Grand Theft Auto 5 additionally has one of the most number of lorries till now consisting of cars and trucks, bike, airplanes, utility lorries, emergency solution autos, electric motor boat, jet aircraft, jet ski and also submarine. You can discover the pacific ocean with the help of submarine. You can also purchase sports car, jet aircrafts or electric motor bikes within the game. You will be able to tailor player like in other GTA 5 with even more practical wardrobe things.

Features of GTA 5 android apk file

1. You will have the ability to download GTA 5 in apk layout with sd data.
2. You will have the ability to play Grand Theft Auto V anywhere, There is no restriction within your Playstation or Xbox or COMPUTER. You will certainly have GTA 5 on your pocket. This will certainly help you to continue the goal also when you are tired outside your home.
3. You will have the ability to sync with COMPUTER, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 or Xbox one. You will be able to continue from the very same mission if you have GTA 5 on other console.
4. 3 new mini goals contributed to android variation of GTA 5.
5. It has the best graphics that is compatible for any android phones.
6. 6 brand-new cars included in android variation of GTA 5.
7. Included mobile accelerometer to regulate automobiles as well as various other suitable things.
8. Included first person feature for much better experience. You will certainly be able to play some mini video games if you have VR headset.

GTA 5 APK Free downlaod

Frequently Asked Question
– 1. Will it work with my Samsung Galaxy s2?
Ans. Yeah, It will certainly service your phone however ensure to upgrade your OS to most current variation offered.

2. I can not save my game right now! Please aid!
Ans. Just clear memory and also ensure you have atleast 20 MEGABYTES complimentary on your phone. If the error still exists then re-install the game.

3. My video game freezes in the middle of goal. How to repair it?
Ans. Ensure you have most recent variation of OS which is compatible for your phone.

26 Nov
is gangstar vegas free or paid

Gangstar Vegas – Enjoy these Amazing Free Features

Gangstar vegas is a famed addition in the games that offer huge adventures and suspense. The game offers a whole lot of entertainment and while playing the game nowhere you would feel like losing your interest. That is why from the year 2013 Gangstar Vegas has been capturing the attention of the players widely. The game fulfills all the parameters of an action-packed game, it is a sand-box yet it is not easy to win it. Gangstar Vegas is not paid, you can try this Gangstar Vegas Mod APK Download and enjoy the features of this game.

The game has been presented in a very appealing way, let’s begin with the story that has been woven so perfectly. The unbelievable twists and turns of Gangstar Vegas sit in both ways, they are mind-blowing and mind-boggling at the same time.

The ultimate suspense of Gangstar Vegas is free to download but it doesn’t mean that in quality the game lacks behind, no way. There are lots of jaw-dropping things that make it must-try game. Once you get on its roller coaster ride then you would love to stay in the game till the last minute.

Bundle of horrifying incidents that take place in the game after every now and then keep you enthused. The picture of underworld of Las Vegas city has been presented so artistically that it really gives you jitters.

The intense scenes like kidnapping, assaults, murdering, robberies and what not is there to sore your eyes. A player has to act like the genuine bull-headed mafia and the thugs of that mafia give its foes a real tough time.

Get Gangstar Vegas for free and enjoy the sheer dangerous and interesting components

  • Voice-acted in the background that boosts up your interest throughout in the game
  • Wide range of awful guns of almost all types and all sizes
  • Great vehicles to drive in the frightening streets of the Las Vegas
  • A great display of martial arts.
  • Certain mod of game allows you to earn VIP gold status, Unlimited money and coins.
  • You will be trained to become a skilled fighter and a gun-shooter.
  • You would become the most-wanted person

Gangstar Vegas is a free open-ended game yet it turns out to be a complicated one. So download it for free and enjoy the expedition full of sensational fun. It is available for iOS, Android and PC.

24 Nov
Ludo Star APK Download

Ludo Star Download APK Mod Version Free

Below comes the Ludo Star Download APK MOD Variation which allow you delight in the costs attributes of Ludo Celebrity Ready totally free. A lot of Modded Ludo Celebrity APKs are offered yet we are offering the direct downloading link of Ludo Star Download APK MOD.

Ludo Celebrity MOD APK Overview

Ludo Celebrity 2018 is just one of the leading Android video games which has countless online gamers from across the globe. And it is truly very hard to hold the podium setting nowadays in the Ludo Celebrity. Thankfully, currently it is possible to become a platform setting holder in the Ludo Celebrity with the help of the Ludo Star Mod APK. With this variation, you can take pleasure in limitless resources like coins, rubies, gems, and far more. All the premium functions of the game are already opened and also you don’t need to spend money to appreciate the Ludo Star MOD APK.
Sometimes, while playing the Ludo Star video game a wave of panic discovered the players as they are running out of coins, treasures, gold, and also other sources. They really feel that they will certainly currently lose the video game as without diamonds the gamers will not be able to appreciate the roll once again of dice.
Currently you can roll dice endless time without emerging into the fear of going out as you have the Ludo Star Download APK MOD. You can take pleasure in the costs attributes of the ready cost-free without investing a single penny.
Below we are meeting our promise of giving you the Ludo Star MOD APK absolutely free. In this variation, you have whatever limitless as well as cost-free. Enjoy Ludo Star Download APK MOD totally free!
Ludo Star MOD APK Most Recent Variation Documents Information
Below comes the technological information detail of the Ludo Star Download APK Mod file information which you are mosting likely to download in the next couple of moments. The documents on this website are evaluated, working, and free. So, don’t hesitate to download currently. Don’t pay till you have the day in your life when innovation disappeared from the world.

Ludo Celebrity Download APK MOD Setup Guide

The setup of the Ludo Star Download APK Mod might be challenging for couple of but not for everyone. However do not worry if it is your very first time we exist to help you. You have to follow the guide detailed in order to install the game effectively.

Ludo Star APK Download
Step # 1– First off, you need to download Ludo Star MOD APK from the web link supplied listed below. Click on the button your documents will certainly begin downloading within 10 seconds.
Step # 2– The 3rd celebration applications and also games called for the setup consent from the setups of your Android mobile phone. If you do not understand what it is? And just how to allow it don’t stress. You just need to scroll download.
Keep in mind– Here you require to Tap the safety and security tab and after that tap on the security as well as privacy. There you will obtain alternative permit from unknow resources.
Step # 3– Once you approved the approvals right here you need to check out the.apk file. As soon as you situate the.apk submit faucet on it the installment procedure will start immediately.
Action # 4– Right here you require to await few moments and allow complete the process of setup. Once the process will finish you will obtain a pop-up message of successful setup. And also symbol of Ludo Star APK video game will certainly appear on your house display.

22 Nov

Vidmate for iPhone, iPad & Mac Download

On the off chance that you are not getting the way where you can download such a significant number of recordings from any in the event that you need to download all your most loved motion pictures, film, short movies, recordings melodies, recordings or anything from web, But you don’t have the foggiest idea about any arrangement or any way at that point folks kindly don’t stress today here I will let you know and give all of you the arrangement of these issues. You can now ready to download all your most loved films and recordings from web. Vidmate is the product application which has extremely quite recently made for these issues just, It is the most ideal method for your downloading issues. Vidmate is the best and especially acclaimed application for downloading on the web recordings from video, daily motion, YouTube, Instagram, met-cafe, sound-cloud, vine and different sight and sound asset.

It has such a significant number of various highlights which are extremely astonishing and especially intriguing to utilize. You will arrive such a significant number of astonishing highlights which you will not get in some other downloading application and I’m giving you confirmation that there is no application exist which will give you these sort of astounding highlights. This application is primarily particularly popular in youthful age, It has extraordinary furor in the market, They simply utilize this application to download different sort of recordings from web. So what are you sitting tight for folks If you want to watch recordings and need to download it at that point go and instantly have this application on the off chance that you. You can appreciate and download any sort of online recordings from any piece of the web. Vidmate for Iphone.

It has extremely extraordinary speed which is the best nature of this application. You don’t need to confront any buffering issues while downloading recordings from this application. In this application you will likewise going to discover arrange changing component which will assist you with changing organizations of your preferred recordings and motion pictures. You can change any configuration it additionally bolster HD and Ultra HD positions. The best thing about this application is this is free for you, This is the free application ,and you can without much of a stretch get it from any of the application store.

iphones are simply adored by each, there are nobody exist in this world who simply don’t love iphone, You can do anything in iphone, Features which are given by iphones are not give by some other versatile brand. It has so smooth highlights which are extremely stunning, You can see and watch such a significant number of online recordings in this iphone, But lamentably you can not download it, As we realize that a considerable lot of the online recordings are there which are particularly appealing and we need to download it and make it stable in our telephone, But it will be just and just conceivable by any application which will give you downloading offices, One single application which will enable you to download such huge numbers of online recordings from a wide range of asset, Either it is daily-motion, motion pictures, video melody, Or from exceptionally acclaimed YouTube,