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Immigration lawyers Sydney

At Brett Slater Solicitors, we are not simply movement legal counselors. Pick us and you approach a group of the best movement attorneys in Sydney. Our migration administrations spread the full expansiveness of the Immigration range. We embrace various types and all parts of visa applications for Australia, including those of neighborhood, territorial, interstate and abroad customers. We likewise help people and families with citizenship, including troublesome character cases and habitation waiver applications. We win the most troublesome cases and have practical experience in council Appeals, Visa Cancellations, Ministerial Intervention Applications and Federal Court Appeals.

We are regularly asked what the thing that matters is between a movement legal advisor and a relocation specialist. In Australia, many Registered Migration Agents are attorneys and many are most certainly not. The decision of a delegate is up to you however remember that movement cases regularly have suggestions coming about because of individuals’ rights and obligations in different zones of law, for example, expense, family or martial law. Operators who are not legal counselors, for the most part, don’t have preparing in or involvement with these issues and, now and again, may not know about the issues by any means. An adjusted migration attorney in Sydney, then again, knows about the general law in different regions and can utilize the law furthering your potential benefit. Any discourses with your movement legal advisor are likewise secured by legal counselor customer benefit and in this way, any data that you give one of our legal counselors is carefully private. Get Immigration lawyers Sydney in hope immigration.

Visa Applications


  • Visa Applications for all Australian Visas
  • Business and corporate migration
  • High end investor visas
  • Self-sponsored businesses wanting to establish themselves in Australia
  • Small businesses wanting to recruit staff from overseas
  • Spouse/partner/ DeFacto  visas
  • Return Resident Visas
  • Children Visas
  • Parent Visa
  • Dependent Relative Visa

Refusals, Appeals and Cancellations 

  • Character issues such as convictions
  • Obtaining a wide range of sponsorship approvals
  • Illegal immigrants
  • Adoption cases including customary adoption
  • Absorbed persons
  • Health waivers
  • Dealing with allegations of immigration fraud
  • Resisting visa cancellations
  • Deportation matters
  • Getting visas reinstated (in one case, even after 45 years)
  • Ministerial intervention requests
  • Identifying jurisdictional error
  • All aspects of the review process
  • All Tribunals including those interstate
  • All courts